Printed collections of erotic visual art by women
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Can you recommend some printed collections of erotic visual art by women? Any combination of medium, style, and specific subject matter is okay as long as the art is the focus of the book, not just a few incidental illustrations.

Graphic novels are okay, but collections of individual works would be better. Anthologies and compilations of works by multiple artists are okay. Any level of explicitness is fine.
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Apollonia Saintclair has 5 anthologies of her work that are great.
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Nothing But the Girl: The Blatant Lesbian Image is fantastic, but maybe no longer available for a reasonable price.
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Sex by Madonna.
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All of Giovanna Cassotto's work is out of print in English but easily found in other languages (French especially) and ... You don't need to understand the words to enjoy it. It's aimed towards men but it's fun. Possibly not everyone's thing but I find her delightful.
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Smut Peddler is an erotic comic anthology by women artists. The publisher, Iron Circus, also has a number of other titles of that nature.
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There are a number of fandoms that do erotic anthologies, often for charity. If you aren't looking for something too highbrow.
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