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I just rewatched "Wolf of Wall Street" on Amazon Prime and I somehow remember from the first time I watched it that somebody gave a really impressive answer to diCaprios the iconic "Sell me this pen" schtick. But the scene wasn't in there? There was the one scene at the beginning with all his old pals, then the scene at the end. Did I imagine this? It was an very elaborate answer, and diCaprios character was impressed by it...
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Response by poster: Sry, Netflix
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Here's the scene(s) (start at 0:19, then it's the next two segments). Are you sure they cut it? Maybe it was just shorter or different than you recall and it slipped past you?
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Response by poster: Yeah, those are the two scenes, but they all blew it! I just remember another one where one guy did an really astonsihing job of it. Maybe it was a spoof in another movie or something?
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I'd be surprised if that's the only movie with a scene like that. It seems like it would be a cliche at this point? There's a scene in the Korean show Misaeng where interns are competing for a full position using a "sell something" test; there must be other examples (and yeah, parodies).
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I found it.
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That was in the first YT video I posted, too.
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I'm supposed to click all the links in the comments too? :)

I took the OP's response to mean that was not the scene in question - which isn't quite what was said.
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