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I'm interested in Encyclopedia collecting. Where would i find info about prices of old encyclopedias etc? (other than ebay)
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bookfinder.com is a good place to start.
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I used to work in a used bookstore. The owner/buyer considered encyclopedias' only value was as decorator books because the info is out of date. Unless you are looking for something specific, you may have trouble finding them online. I might contact local bookstores and see what they have around. Often they buy them as part of an estate. If they have a similar mindset to my old boss, you may find great deals.
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Library book sales may be a good place to look for old sets. I picked up a 1974 set of Compton's encyclopedia's for about $3.

Oftentimes, I think someone dies, and their kids donate books they don't want to local libraries, which then go into the book sales.
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What kind of encyclopedias are you interested in? 19th-c. encyclopedias on specialized topics--religion, for example--can fetch $$$; 20th-c. World Books, not so much.
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Thomas, i actually don't know since I'm new to the field, which is why i wanted to see if anyone knew any reference sources...
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Also alibris. But both alibris and abebooks will just show you what they are selling for.
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Hmmm... Interesting question. I just looked up my 1912 compact edition of the Brittanica and was quite surprised to see it sells for around $1200...
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The 11th edition of the EB (1911-1912) is a cult. It was the last idiosyncratic "english" Brittanica. I saw a beautiful mint set mounted in its own bookshelf case over the weekend for £600, so $1200 may be a little steep.
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Thanks booksprite and ObsRefman for the links to bookfinder, alibris.

Aside from their considerable aesthetic qualities, i was thinking the other day that with the Rise of Wikipedia, people aren't so hot on Encyclopedias anymore and the resulting drop in sales could mean a bright future for collectors. Comments?
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