Looking for someone who can make anime style emoji
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It could be you, or someone you know, or an artist you know of, but I'm looking specifically to commission someone who understands how to design for emoji sizes specifically (eg discord/mastodon) while maintaining an "anime style"

I already commissioned one artist but, despite reassurances that they knew what they were doing, they in fact...did not. What they gave me is good looking! But it absolutely does not work at emoji sizes. I'm hoping to find someone who knows what they are doing specifically when it comes do small icons as you'd see on discord or maston (or well, any app that allows custom emoji!) Either drop contact details in here, or memail me?
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Response by poster: you can also email me at: damedeshou@proton.me
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Best answer: Have you looked on Fiverr? A quick search there turned up one possibility. I expect there are others. You can also post jobs and let the creators find you.
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Response by poster: I had not thought of fiverr. that is...a very good suggestion.
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This is probably not such actionable advice, but...

I remember seeing Jennifer 8 Lee (former NYTimes journalist) on some show (original Colbert?) talking about emojis and the approval process. Apparently she's vice-chair of the "unicode emoji subcommittee". You could DM her for advice?
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Best answer: Fiverr is the answer for this type of stuff. Tip well and you will get amazing service.
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Best answer: This is a very common type of commission in Twitch/YouTube vtuber circles, so quite a few artists specifically advertise custom emote sets that are generally in that anime/manga style.

I would search Twitter or maybe Etsy for "emote commissions," like so:

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