Powerful AC-Powered, Easily Packed Travel Fan?
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I need recommendations for a (travel?) fan that is small enough to not take up much space when packed in a bag, but that nevertheless kicks out a very decent breeze. AC power (not batteries) very much preferred, since it will be used near-constantly and I'd eat through zillions of batteries otherwise. Reasoning explained after the break.

My job assignment has me at different desks within the same company week to week, and sometimes even day to day. I usually need to bring any personal effects with me from day to day.

During the summer, even if the building has adequate air conditioning (and I've yet to work in this particular company during summer, so I don't know), when I usually arrive, my body temperature is high enough from walking through the heat that I really need a fan's assistance to cool down. And, frankly, the air keeps me alert and going throughout most of the day.

So I need recommendations for a fan that can pack away easily to store in my bag (thus desk fans or room fans are entirely out of the question — I'm most likely asking for a good travel fan here), but that nevertheless can kick out a good breeze to keep me cooled down. And, as I said, AC power is preferred, because since I'll be using this rather constantly, I could go bankrupt trying to keep this thing powered with batteries.

Somewhat of a tall and contradictory order, but anyone got any advice? Online ordering preferred but not essential, since as an urban Chicagoan, I don't have a K-Mart or a Wal-Mart nearby me, unfortunately.
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Do you have computer access for a USB fan?
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to second barnone: here
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I've had a Kensington USB fan and may still do so (I'll have to rummage through my desk drawers at home) — although I hadn't thought of using it in a work setting. Still, I don't think it'll be useful there, since the USB fans must by definition be close to the computer, and at a lot of these desks, the CPUs are far enough in a corner that the fan's breeze wouldn't reach. And, if memory serves me from the last summer, its output is poor; it may produce a little air circulation, but it's more useful for laptops, where the CPU is right there by you.

Thank you, barnone, for the A/C link. But if future respondents decide to stop by this thread, I'm not so sure that USB fans will be powered enough to answer what I'm looking for.
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I ended up getting this (and signing up for Amazon Prime at the same time, coincidentally enough), but thank you both, nevertheless.
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This, rather.
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It looks like you've made your choice, but another option would be a fan pulled out of an old PC. It's easy to wire a plug onto it.
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