Down coat recs! Difficulty level: plus size
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I am looking for a natural or artificial down coat in the 16W/18W range. Requirements: at least mid-thigh length, will keep someone warm down to at least 10 degrees F, can be shipped to the USA, will last more than one winter. Nice to have: hood, bright colors. Bonus points if it is made from recycled materials or ethically sourced. Recommend things to me!
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The Marmot Montreal and Montreaux are my go-tos. This year I have outgrown my existing one (and it has had a zipper replacement and many patches) so I’m probably in the market for a new one myself.

For colors, Cotopaxi will be your best bet, though.
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Best answer: I have this coat from Eddie Bauer which ticks some of the boxes (available in plus sizes, length, warmth, hood) but not all of the nice to haves (fun colors, recycled materials).
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Best answer: This ultralight maxi down coat from Land’s End comes in sizes up to 3x, and is available in fuschia and teal. Temperature rated down to below zero. I have a Land’s End coat I’ve worn since 2013 and it’s still in perfect condition.
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Best answer: Outdoor Research in kalamata? L.L. Bean in dark plum (if you don't like that one, they have some other options and are generally good at stocking plus sizes)? Patagonia in sequoia red (good at ethical sourcing and recycled materials, not always great at plus, but have an XXL in this case)?
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The Marmot Montreaux is nice and goes up to size 18. There are a few more colors than there used to be, looks like.
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Best answer: LLBean is expanding plus sizing and featuring people of varied sizes in the catalog and ads. Their women's XL is @ an 18-20, so there's room for a sweater. Call to discuss specific sizing. I have an LLBean down coat and it's very warm. In today's 25F temps, I wore a fleece-lined parka(LLBean outlet last year) and was comfortable.

Women's Ultrawarm Coat, Three Quarter Length
Women's Mountain Classic Down Coat, Sherpa-Lined
Women's Ultralight 850 Down Hooded Coat

Disclaimer: I have worked for them in the past.
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Best answer: Lands End green parka
I got my coat from lands end last year after looking for a size 18, hooded, down alternative coat. i looked all over, tried one from columbia that was $100 more than the sale price for the lands end one and didn't fit great. the specific one i got doesn't seem to be available but this one is similar. i have no idea about the longevity, seems good so far.
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Down With It Parka at Patagonia: "knee-length parka has a 100% recycled polyester shell; removable, insulated hood; and 600-fill-power 100% Recycled Down (duck and goose down reclaimed from down products) insulation. Fair Trade Certified™ sewn." (brightest color is "sequoia red")
Cotopaxi Down Parka: fun bright colors (yellow amber, red spice, stripes), hooded, thigh-length, with "Responsibly sourced 800-fill-power down"; REI page of plus-sized, thigh-length or longer coats, fair trade/responsibly sourced down/recycled materials
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Best answer: Universal standard has these two puffer jackets that are mid thigh or longer.

This one and this one.

The first is supposed to be warmer. I haven't bought a puffer coat from Universal Standard, but everything I have bought from them lasts a long time and has been great quality. Both have hoods, a few color choices, and my favorite thing about Universal Standard, BIG POCKETS!!
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Best answer: Fjallraven's down jackets are the gold standard in my opinion, although the prices tend to induce sticker shock. However, they are extremely well made, and it's not unusual for one to last 15-20 years. I bought my last one in 2004 and it's still holding up...and it's wicked warm as they say here in New England.
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Best answer: Another vote for the Lands End down parkas--I impulse bought one during one of their big markdown sales and was skeptical that it would keep me warm but so far I am toasty and loving it.
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Best answer: Lands End Quilted Stretch Down Wrap Coat. I've had two previous Lands End coats for close to 20 years, and still have them, but wanted something newer. I LOVE this one. It keeps me (a plus sized petite woman) very warm (I do miss a hood but I have cute hats).

Frankly, you can do no wrong with any of the Lands End coats. I'm usually an 18W and picked the 1X and there's plenty of room if I wanted to wear a bulky sweater under this coat. I have a Squall Parka, that I've had for close to 20 years that is still in great shape. I've never been let down by any of my Lands End coats.

Edited after posting: I read 's comment, and I'm getting that exact same coat for Christmas from a family member (long story). I tried it on and it's incredibly light and I'm hoping it keeps me as warm as it claims to.
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Best answer: After having an Eddie Bauer raincoat that lasted 10+ years in the PNW, this winter I bought a down jacket from them and so far I LOVE it - super light and comfy but very warm. Mine is a jacket (hip-length) but they have several longer versions and their sizing goes up to 3X.
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