Where can I find a list of common spanish words/phrases?
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Does anyone know where I can find a list online of 500-1000 most common spanish words or phrases, along with their meanings? I searched a bit and found quite a few that had 50 or a 100 approximately, but I want more. I have a Spanish to English dictionary, but I want to print out a quick reference sheet. The list can be words or phrases, it doesnt matter too much.
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Okay ... that post got munged. Let's try it again.

I subscribe to Flashcard Exchange. I like to use use Excel as an ersatz flashcard manipulator and they provide lists that can be imported. I'm a member, but I think non-members can run through the lists individually.

A word of unsolicited advice: Don't get too obsessed with static word lists. Learn things in units; something that provides at least a bit of meaningful context. It will help you in the long run. "Hand me the book" or "five green books" is much more useful than "book".
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JokingClown, I've sent you my personal list of 1000+ phrases by E-mail, I don't know how useful it is going to be as a quick reference, though.
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Leaving aside cultural expressions and idioms, I would imagine that the top 1000 words in most languages are the same, and you might find an easier time finding a list of the top 1000 English words, and then translate those.

Just a thought.
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