Diuretics and dogs: is this definitely urine?
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Frank the Adorable Wombat is officially in heart failure and we've moved from palliative to end-of-life care. He's on a ton of diuretics and is flooding the house, which is fine, but... this doesn't seem like urine?

I mean just anatomically it has to be, but it doesn't smell like urine and in fact has no smell and is clear. And while he is still urinating in the garden, I think these large wet patches he's leaving on my bed, sofa and floors are not intentional.

I just want a better idea of what I'm cleaning up really, so I can do the job right.
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Best answer: I'm sorry you're going through this. I think an enzyme-based, pet-fluids-targeting cleaner is the way to go, even though it's clear/odorless; diuretics for HF can result in really diluted urine, the occasional bout of drooling, and heavy sweating. Check in with your vet/pharmacist? (PS Your Frank's a calendar pin-up.)
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When I did a search for peeing clear urine, I got "overhydrated" and "has an electrolyte imbalance" (among other things) which makes sense to me if Frank is on diuretics. If it were me (random person with a dog in my life), I would assume that's pee and treat it with enzyme cleaner, just the same I would if it was a puddle of sweat.

Frank the Adorable is lucky to have you.
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Had the same issue prior to my dog being diagnosed with diabetes. She was drinking so much water that she would relieve herself in her sleep, but it was so diluted there was no smell or color. Like you at first I was unsure if it was really urine, but it was and I cleaned it as if it were.

Best of luck to you and Frank.
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