Help me find my favorite book!
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[LongLostChildhoodMemoriesFilter] I am looking for a book that I had as a wee-one, involving a night-time adventure through the city via a boy's imagination and a shoebox diorama.

I've been looking for this book on-and-off for years. I read it when I was little [early/mid 1980s]. The style was very mixed-media. There was a lot of paint and photographic collage. I think that the city was Brooklyn, and I believe that one of the boy's guides through the city was a man with a bird's head. Thanks in advance.
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I guess it isn't a Newberry, they don't do picturebooks. I believe there were words but I doubt there were that many. A Caldecott, perhaps?
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Is it The Trip?
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In the Night Kitchen, perhaps?
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I hope this is a link.
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Which it clearly isn't. Grrr. Amazon has it. I'm going to hide, now.
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widerrechtig, you need to select text to serve as the text-to-click, then click the link button, then paste in your link. In case you're hiding for good, here's the book you were linking.
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and I missed you on preview
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Thanks, donnagirl... no better way to learn than to screw up, eh?
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I'm going to second ericb on The Trip. It's by Ezra Jack Keats, who did Snowy Day, and a bunch of other stories set in New York City. They're mostly centered around the same bunch of children as they grow up. The Trip is about one of them that moves away. He makes a shoebox diorama, and he travels into it to visit his friends in the old neighborhood. The bird head, I think, is a mouse head, and the trip happens on halloween. I know all of this because my son has the book and dvd (a scholastic book compilation), which he loves.
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Thanks EricB and Read. I just ordered myself a copy off Amazon! Y'all are great.
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