Where did I come across this story?
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Looking for the origin of a supposedly true story I either read or saw (I think it was a book, but maybe a TED-type talk / a movie I have otherwise forgotten), although it could also be an urban myth, I guess. It goes something like this:

At a school event, the male teller of the story encounters a worried looking bunch of parents. He asks them what the matter is, and they say that a boy in the (gym? assembly hall?) is acting strangely.

The man enters this room and sees that the boy has his arms raised above his head, is spinning in circles, and saying something (more like making noises) as he spins.

The man copies what the boy is doing, then comments on how much fun it is, and sooner or later gets the boy to go outside and join the other kids.
Google isn’t helping me, but perhaps you can. Where is this from?
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