Best long puffer coat
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Iditarod runner Blair Braverman tweeted that "the point of warm clothing is to be thick while still being comfy. This is why down works so well: it’s full of air, and it’s very light. (Primaloft is great too.) But if your jacket stops at your waist, it’s still limited. When in doubt, go long." What's the best VERY LONG, VERY PUFFY coat (available in a women's size M)? Bonus points if I can try one on without leaving Washington, DC city limits!
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Best answer: Knee-length+ in-store at REI (201 M Street NE)
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Uniqlo’s down puffers are very long and very puffy and also somehow weightless.
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I just bought a mid-calf-length ("maxi") down coat from Lands' End, and have been happy so far. They also have an Ultralight version of the maxi, which I expect weighs less but which is not rated for temperatures that are quite as cold.
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I love my Moosejaw long puffy coat. I tried the Uniqlo one on first but the Mooosejaw one was worth the extra cost (at time) for the cuffs on the sleeves, thumb-loops and more svelte look. Looks like Moosejaw is cheaper now though!
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Several years ago I wandered into Aritzia looking for my first walking-around-the-city-in-winter down coat and was extremely tempted by their long puffers like this and this. I ended up with a thigh-length parka after trying on at least 10 different styles of black down coats (they have an enormous selection of coats in their NYC stores), and I've been extremely happy with it since then. They seem to know what they're doing at the intersection of fashion and warm, functional coats since they're Canadian. Sort of conveniently, they have a store in Georgetown.

The shorter, down/down-alternative puffers I have from REI are much less warm because they're meant to be worn while being active, usually with a shell over them to stop the wind. They're also much more delicate because they're meant to pack down lightly for backpacking/travel.
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Marmot Montreaux coat. Not the cheapest, but actual down and just the best.
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LL Bean makes a long puffer coat that is the best winter coat I've ever owned. It's keeping me cozy through upstate NY and New England winters.
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For a long, super warm coat - you could try the Duluth Trading Company Ruffer Duffer Arctic Down long coat. I bought it last year and it is delightfully cozy when it is windy and cold outside.
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There is an Arc'teryx store in DC.

Duluth, Lands End, and LL Bean have retail stores in the greater DMV area if not DC proper.
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Uniqlo’s down puffers are very long and very puffy and also somehow weightless.

I picked up one of their ultra lightweight but long down coats for maybe 7000 yen back in 2014 and it has been my go to winter coat since. I'm in Toronto, Canada, and it's seen 7 winters here without complaint. I spend a lot of time outside during the winter but I'm usually doing stuff so between my own body heat and other layers I never need one of those super thick jackets.
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I bought the Patagonia Down With It 3 years ago and still love it for Chicago winters. Appears to still be a model being sold, I'm pretty sure it was at both my local REI and Patagonia stores at that time (I tried on a lot of coats to choose).
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I've been very happy with my long down coat from Lands End. Not sure if the current one I linked to is exactly the same as mine from 5 years ago. But it has served me well in Chicago winters! Get it on sale if you can.
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Best answer: I bought my teens the LLBean ultra warm ultra long down coat for when they had to stand outside to wait for the school bus or walk to school when it's cold (0F to -40F). It seems to do the job. (I want one too, but they're $$$.) It's possible that it may be more coat than you're looking for in Washington DC, though. I bet their lighter-weight puffer coats are also good.
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The label on my coat says Chiilax. It's the warmest out I've ever had, warmer than my previous, down coat. I got it at a ladies clothing store. Good luck.
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I splurged on a Mackage long down coat a few years ago and it made winter 100 times more tolerable.
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Response by poster: Iris Gambol: Knee-length+ in-store at REI (201 M Street NE)

Thanks for this recommendation! I stopped by that REI store and found a coat today. I guess the coat I bought (the Norseland parka) is only "thigh-length" according to REI, but I have short legs so it's knee-length on me. The fit is great and it's extremely warm.
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Response by poster: And leahwrenn's recommendation looks like it'll be the one if I'm still too cold in my new parka. DC is indeed not that particularly cold but I'm a bit of a weenie.
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