Snarfblatt? Dinglehopper? What do I call this object?
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I need to replace either the whole vise/clamp on my yarn ball winder, or better yet, find a longer metal… thingy to sub in the current one. What search term am I looking for?

The ball winder is this one from Knit Picks. The item in question is the curved metal stick thing in the clamping device. My current metal stick thing isn’t long enough (thing I switched out/lost the proper clamp at some point), so the metal hole thing thumps against the table when I wind. Anyone know where I can either find a whole replacement clamp, or know the name for the metal stick thing?
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Is it like these?
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Best answer: Perhaps here for new clamps and post lengths?
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OMG, I just broke my knitpicks ballwinder by....using it as I should. The plastic gear teeth broke and spit themselves out into tiny detritus on my desk.
Anyway, not your problem, but this one from Amazon feels so much sturdier and I'm currently loving it, although I admit it's new. The clamp on to something is wide enough to fit my desk which is thick.
I need to make an askme about why I can't put a hank on a swift correctly to save my freaking life, but that's a separate issue.
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atomicstone, try an Amish style/tabletop swift if you haven't -- the umbrella types always vex me but once I went tabletop I never had a problem again.
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