Videos where people sing and the score is visible
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I really liked the video linked in this comment on MetaFilter, in which a singer performs a song from Les Miz as written in the score, rather than in the way it has evolved through performance. I'd like to see more of people singing while I follow the written music. Point me to them!

To be clear, the thing I'm interested in is any singer, any song, not the specific hook of this video, where he's demonstrating the difference between the music as written and as performed, though more of these would be fine.

Also, while I'm sure it would be fun to follow the music for, say, a quartet, I'm looking for beginner level: one melody line, one line of musical notes to follow.

Direct links and helpful search terms both welcome.
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This is just a single (hilarious) example but maybe it'll scratch your itch until you get better recommendations.
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I'm most familiar with this for choral music, but that's not usually beginner level. You might be interested in practice tracks, where one line of a choral arrangement is highlighted to help people who are learning it. That search term should yield more results; you may have to dig through them to find those that are actual singing, rather than piano or a MIDI file.

Apparently someone taken the existing performance and added sheet music for Into the Woods, which ranges in complexity from single melody lines to more complex arrangements. If you want a sample of a solo song, here's Moments in the Woods.
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An addition, because I've been digging around a bit on this! It looks like there are three versions of this type of video: (1) someone singing from sheet music and showing that on screen (like the original Heath Saunders video I shared, but difficult to find more versions of); (2) someone taking an existing performance and adding the sheet music to it (like the examples I just shared above; "scrolling score" or "score video" will also get you lots of examples of this, but mostly for complex choral arrangements) and (3) someone taking an existing performance and transcribing it in sheet music.

This third version, which you can search for via "transcription" or "transcribed", seems the most likely to bring you videos with one melody line. It's common with jazz, because people are interested in transcribing improvisation. Here's Ella Fitzgerald singing "How High the Moon". Here is one that I do not know how to describe! People also do this with things that are particularly entertaining to transcribe, such as Fergie singing the Star-Spangled Banner or the celebrity Imagine video, which is in a LOT of different keys.
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(Hi I'm embarrassed I didn't realize the thing I linked to was the thing you linked to. Sorry!)
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Response by poster: I should mark it as best answer, BlaLaLa, because it was so perfectly on point.
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I find that if I type the song title plus the word "score" into the youtube search field, that sort of video comes up in the search results if there is one available. And, as others have noted, they seem to be more common for choral or classical music.
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You might look through the rest of Threatening Music Notation’s Twitter feed! Also “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” rubber stamp sight reading should scratch the same itch?
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