Looking for a cool new cross-body / fanny pack -- suggestions?
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This Black Friday I want to upgrade my bag. Do you have any recommendations for cool cross-body bags or fanny packs that can be worn that way?

I've been wearing this adidas bag for a couple years, and it's not bad, but looks a bit slapdash. Was thinking of moving to one of these Baggu models-- but the design is maybe a bit too plain for me, and the construction a touch too flimsy. I like things that look more cool/modern than traditional/fancy/leatherbound.

What bags/manufacturers do you recommend? Particularly with Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales.
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Free People has a ton of sling bags that might be interesting. I got this one and love it. It holds a thin A5 notebook, wallet, phone, earphones, etc and is very light.
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Not sure where they ship but I just bought a Lucy & Yak Brady bag and I love it. Perfect size, robust, cute. Carries two passports, snacks, keys, sunglasses, phone and more without being too big.
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My solution to this desire is the Topo Designs Quick Pack, 13"x7"x4". It has many nice versatile features, a very satisfying closure and ease of adjustment between fanny & crossbody modes, and also comes with a shoulder strap to just make it a sling bag.
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I get lots of compliments on my Bellroy sling bag and they have other styles
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I shopped for a new mini backpack last month. I got a real cute (to my taste) purple one from Baboon to the Moon on sale. They have fanny packs and crossbody slings. I was also looking on Mokuyobi but everything was just stupid expensive.
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Response by poster: One thing I forgot to mention: would be great if the bag had those slots you see in backpacks where you can store pens and pencils vertically.
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I've been lusting after this Haiku Revel bag. Not quite pockets for pens, but other pockets that will help with organization.

I've got this Columbia Sportswear Azza bag, and it's got tons of pockets. Item is discontinued.
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+1 for the Topo Designs Quick Pack. It is not the sexiest of bags (though they do have some fun color combos), but it is amazingly versatile. You would probably be able to store pens upright in one of the two compartments of the exterior (diagonal zip) pocket.
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years ago I purchased a black bag I can sling to wear on my back or across my front, diagonal across the shoulder, and I love it. Lots of pockets, sturdy, zippers are excellent. unfortunately it has that "tacti-cool" look to it and I did purchase at a place that sells army surplus, hunting, and that kind of stuff. But it has come on a few trips, it's a great bag and tough as hell.
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Baboon to the Moon
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Outlier Nexhigh.
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I just got a little Tumi crossbody bag on deep discount at Zappos. I was ready to send it back if it didn't work well, but, alas, it does.

Tom Bihn has some hip packs that can be worn crossbody too here (you might like the Bummer in particular), or for a little more volume you could get their Small Cafe Bag. They have a number of different colors and they look casual but well-constructed.
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My eye is on this Chrome Mini Kadet sling bag. I have its larger, heavier sibling and I know it is built well.

The hip bags that I've used don't tend to carry well on the shoulder because the strap is sewn straight into the side of the bag and the whole thing is angled weird. The Chrome is sewn in at an angle and is structured to stay in place on your back.
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I will second the Chrome Mini Kadet. Been using it since February and it's great. Looks like the price went down too.
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Been loving my hip pack (I wear as a sling) from Cotopaxi.

They have some different sizes, bright colorways. Very much a cool, nontraditional vibe. There are some good organization features, not sure about a vertical pen situation in these.

I use it as a minimal diaper bag -- the 4L version I have keeps my essentials (phone, wallet, sunglasses), plus tiny toy, snack, cloth, extra outfit for the bb, and a diaper or two.
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Came here to suggest Cotopaxi also! They’re nice and very hip.
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1733 Sidepack seems to fit the bill.

Don't think there's any Black Friday/sale going on, unfortunately. I own a previous version of this bag and adore it. The optional stabilizer strap is a great add-on for biking.
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United by Blue. They have a smaller one as well, and one made of wool. Their recycled nylon bags are very durable.
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I have one of these Ethnotek roll-top sling bags and I love it. Perfect size for a kindle or small tablet, compact when there’s not much in it, but expands to hold a surprising amount. It’s got really clever pockets, and a nice organization panel inside that would hold pens — there’s two vertical pockets that are about phone-width.
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My recent quest for the same thing ended when I bought a Sipsey Wilder hip pack.
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Chrome Industries has several options. The Tensile Hip Pack can be worn as cross body bag or as a hip pack, with nice big chrome buckles, and interior panel organizer for pens and pencils, and multitools and whatnot. If you need more capacity, there's the Kadet Sling or the Mini Kadet. They were designed for bike messengers and have plenty of slots for tablet, a bike U-lock, bike multitool, and so on.
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