What else to do with split peas? (vegan)
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I have a lot of green split peas. I am tired of split pea soup. What else can I do with them?

What it says on the tin. I have tried a number of variations of split pea soup. I have added smoked paprika, liquid smoke, white potatoes, and sweet potatoes. I am still tired of it. Googling, I'm finding nothing but split pea soup. All the recipes look the same.

I know they will keep, but I'm planning to move, so I'd like to use them.

So far, the only idea I have is to just throw in half a cup when I make chili or other soups. But do you know something else to do with them? Do you have a split pea soup recipe that's unusual and cool? Recipes must be vegan or easily veganized. Also, I don't like cold bean salads, so it should be something hot.

Thank you!
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Pholourie! I don't deep fry so I kind of flatten them out and just fry them which is...not the same but still pretty yummy.
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Dal is more traditionally made with yellow split peas, but you can use green. Cook 'em up with curry spices.

You can also add barley to whatever split pea soup recipes you're using to make it a stew instead of a soup.
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I made this 18th century peas pudding several months ago and it was so so good I ate so many peas at once I made myself physically ill. 10/10

I didn't have any bacon and didn't want to go shopping so I used some frozen breakfast sausage I already had, and I think the flavor profile suited just fine. You could easily sub in for vegan sausage if that's something you eat.

The only other thing would be the butter, and you'd want to get your very fave vegan butter for this since it's such an important part of the dish.
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You can make tofu with peas!
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I know they will keep, but I'm planning to move, so I'd like to use them.

Maybe somebody in the area would be interested in swapping some other ingredients for your peas...
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To add to the Dal theme, you can make South Indian vada (fritters? Kinda like falafel?)

EDIT: On re-read - this bottom recipe wouldn’t be vegan unless you can sub out the ghee with something?
You could also make a dessert - a payasam (pudding I guess?) https://mariasmenu.com/desserts/parippu-payasam
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Could you use them instead of lentils in a salad or roast veggies dish? Like this one with lentils and roasted carrots?
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Swap the split peas in place of ground meat in any shepherds pie recipe. You’ll want to cook the peas beforehand and add some fat and flavorful liquid, but then just go ahead and mix in softened mirepoix and you other favorite veggies, top with mashed potatoes and bake until a bit crispy on top.

In the spirit of the season I will share with you that I once made thanksgiving pot pie with a stuffing bottom crust, a filling of turkey, gravy, green beans, mushrooms, and sweet potatoes, and a topping of mashed potatoes, served with cranberry sauce on the side, and it was divine. You could do pretty much exactly that but use the split peas in place of turkey and some roasted vegetable stock and caramelized onions for extra flavor, and I think it would be absolutely delicious.

A kind of twist on a shepherds pie I have made a couple times is I’ll cook my protein filling with onions and garlic, and add lots of Mediterranean flavors like lemon zest, oregano, parsley, and basil, sun dried tomatoes, and bell peppers. I do about a third height of the dish, and then I add thick slices of roasted eggplant in the middle. More filling on that, and mashed potatoes on top with extra garlic. The eggplant makes a good creamy middle layer. I did this with ground lamb once and another time with lentils and both were great. I suspect split peas are similar enough to lentils that I would have no issue making the substitution.
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Seconding vada/dal. You can also do Ethiopian dishes like this one or shiro wot, I'd just use coconut oil, margarine or veg oil in place of the butter for the nitter kibbeh (don't skip it!).

This time of year, a seasonal salad of blanched/lightly cooked split peas with root veg or winter squash, craisins or cranberries, and a maple Dijon dressing is stellar. These folks also have some great resources for cook times for different textures.
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Bessera is a morrocan pea soup that's easy and delicious and I don't think tastes like European pea soup. I've also seen recipes for a version that's more like hummus.
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I bet they would work smashed into a sort of falafel-esque fritter
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I haven't tried this myself, but I don't see any reason why theyt couldn't be used to make a sort of hummus,. Cooked, mashed and mixes with tahini, garlic and whatever flavourings you fancy. If you don't have tahini, peanut butter (the unsweetened sort) is a delicious alternative - I have tried this with chickpeas aid it was very good.

Pease pudding is also good - it solidifies when cold and can be sliced and fried with bacon,
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Came here to recommend a cold dip -- you can make a hummus-like dip with any legume; I have used both split peas and (skinless) lentils before. Use a hummus recipe of your choice (that starts with dried chickpeas); just sub in the split peas.

In lieu of tahini I toast sesame seeds myself and blend them together with the rest of the ingredients. I recommend using an immersion blender.
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(Just saw the request for something hot rather than cold; sorry! The dip really is very much unlike bean salad, though; whether you like hummus will be a better predictor.)
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