Where can I hire someone to add lots of hearts to a family photo?
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I have a family photo that I hired someone online to convert to a sketch. It's for a Christmas gift for my wife. My son has said he wants it to have "a million hearts in it". I know nothing about image editing. Is there somewhere I can go to hire someone to cheaply put in some hearts in the style of the image? I'd ask the original artist, but her turnaround time was incredibly slow and it seemed to keep dragging out and I'd like to hire someone to do it quickly.
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Maybe Craigslist or Mefi jobs.
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I've had good experiences with John Sternig at https://beperceived.com/ . He's done some Photoshop work for me. His prices are fairly reasonable, the turnaround time has been quick, and he's easy to work with. And, of course, the resulting photos have been much better than anything I could do on my own.
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I would google heart overlay. Or look on etsy. If you find one you like and buy it I could give it a go tonight for free or for whatever donation you think appropriate for the metafilter fund. E.g.
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Instead of editing the sketch itself, consider purchasing a picture frame that has lots of hearts printed on it—or failing that, using something like this stock image as a mat between the sketch and the frame. That might appease your son's request while preserving the integrity of the original artwork (and saving you the trouble of finding a new artist). This sounds like a lovely gift, btw!
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I had great experience with fiverr.
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I have also had very positive experiences for small graphic design projects using Fiverr - things like making a logo, tweaking a photo, creating a stencil design from a photo.

Fiverr allows you to search for folks based on turnaround time.
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Fiverr, or try doing it yourself with Canva.com
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