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My purchase attempt through Alibaba has stalled with Alibaba rejecting my PayPal and displaying that the credit card I gave them as an alternative was declined despite the fact that the credit card company has no record of them trying it. Had I not done business through Alibaba in the past I would be walking away right now, but I’m willing to give them a little leeway. Is Alibaba still a reliable broker?

The saleswoman at the company I’m working with has been extremely helpful and it kills me that she may lose a decent commission because I’m feeling extra paranoid.
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Don’t send cash/wire funds. Not Alibaba, but a company told me that my card was declined, when they had actually not tried it. After I told them I had called my cc company, they “tried again” and it worked.

They were either only trying to avoid the fees or going to scam me if I did not have the recourse available from the cc company.
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Response by poster: For me it would be great to find out that Alibaba was simply trying to push people away from using credit cards to avoid paying fees. I don’t mind greedy, I just don’t want to get caught up in incompetence.
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