Baking Soda out of a Futon
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How do I get too much baking soda out of a Japanese-style futon? Is it possible?

My cat peed/pooped on my futon. I used an enzyme cleaner, and then when that didn't totally work, I used baking soda and vinegar to try to get the stains (and more importantly, smells) out. Now, there is no more cat pee or poop smell, but the futon feels stiff and hard in places, I think because I used too much baking soda.

How do I fix this?

My situation is similar to this, except the futon is a different texture and composition than the rug. The futon is cotton, and filled with cotton. This is on the futon itself, not a removable cover, so there is no way to extricate or separate the futon material from the stuffing material.

I think through my processes of trying to fix it (vinegar, soda, vinegar, soda, vacuum, vinegar, soda, etc), I may have pushed the baking soda & vinegar into the inside material of the futon.

When I spray the futon with white vinegar, there is still some reaction occurring with the baking soda, which makes me think some of it is still some of it left on the surface. But it doesn't seem like I'm really able to vacuum much up, even when dry.

Please send help.
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You can't really do much, but when dry I would hang it up, outside if possible, and hit it with a tennis racket or something and let it air for a while. Then after you bring it inside, I would wipe the area with a damp cloth to try to get whatever you can off the surface. And start using a cover, if you don't already, there's going to be some discoloration. (But did you really get rid of the cat pee smell? Even with washing, that tends to stick around.)
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Water then air, rinse and repeat as necessary. The baking soda etc is all highly soluble but you may indeed draw out more urine odors.

For future reference enzyme cleaners work incredibly well against urine smell. It's nearly magical! But you have to both drench thoroughly and air thoroughly/wait several days for thick padded/upholstered furniture.
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