Who makes the best black opaque tights these days?
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I wear a lot of black tights all winter. I’m looking for very opaque (100 denier is the absolute minimum) and durable. Ethically and/or sustainably made is ideal. Where should I be shopping?
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Best answer: I bought my first pair of Snag Tights last winter and now I own about 8 pairs. I'm really pleased with them. I buy the Opaque version, which are 80 denier, but they have Super Opaque (120 denier) and also wool tights. The sizing is great and the price is great, and they are ethically made. https://snagtights.us/
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Best answer: Came here to say Snag tights.
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I love these Capezio men’s seamed dance tights. They never sag or droop, they’re 100% opaque, and they’re hard-wearing as hell. And the waist comes up to my actual waist!
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These will stretch (heh) your budget a bit, but I’ve been wearing Wolford merino wool tights for years. They are practically indestructible.
Wolford also makes a pair of 100 denier tights.
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Best answer: Another enthusiastic vote for snag here. Their wool tights are fabulous and keep me toasty.
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Best answer: My wife loves her Snag tights!
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Best answer: Snag tights for sure!
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I recently bought these at Marks & Spencer in the UK (not sure where you are) and they are thick/opaque but not too hot so far. The 80 also seems plenty opaque.
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Just a note -- Sheertex is great & they're having a huge sale currently. However, they're only about 30-40 denier, from what I can tell (I don't mind it but I did think they'd be more opaque) so they're not what you want.
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Response by poster: Snag has exactly what I was looking for with their super opaque tights, and the price is right. Just ordered a few pairs, five recommendations is enough to sell me. Thanks!
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I'd found that a shiny pair of 20d Dims* pantyhose on top of a 90d or 120d can really class them up. Makes them slippery, too.

*afaict, while Dims are still made in France, The Bay (The Hudson Bay Company/ La Baie, yep, that Company), in Canada has them on sale somewhat regularly, and have a decent nationwide stock.
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