Accsss - choose MULTIPLE from list or ADD NEW
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Previously I had asked about how to have Access either choose from a list of pre-existing options or allow entry of new options. Now i need to do the same, but in a combobox where the user can choose MULTIPLE of the values from the other table. How do I do this?

Thank you for the other solution. It helped several cases that I was working on. But in some cases, you can select multiple. So for example, in my projects table I have people who are associated with that project. This field is linked to the people database. Right now, when I make a form (or even in the table, I believe), I get a list of people with checkboxes next to their names. I'd like have this, but also be able to add new names and have those names added to the people database. Is there a way to do this?
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I think that this StackOverflow post might be helpful to you. You might also consider joining StackOverflow if you haven't already as it's an excellent place to get help for things like this.
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