Underwater Love dance mix?
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I give up. I've been searching for months for a remix of the song Underwater Love by Smoke City. The version I'm looking for was on an electronic/dance compilation a friend had bought in Spain in the late 90s. I'm not even sure if this version was done by Smoke City. The original song is slow and lovely, but I want the fast danceable version. Any info or leads would be appreciated.
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Could be one of these:

Morales Underwater Club Remix
Voyager Remix
Ben Hiller Mix
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Sorry that was probably useless. All those and more are on the CD single.
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Yeah, I've checked out the versions on the single and they're not it.
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Long shot: Plant Life has a track called Underwaterluvboogie on the album The Return of Jack Splash. I'm pretty sure it's not a Smoke City cover though. Plus the album was released in '04.
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Have a look on GEMM?
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I think you can find the version you're looking for on the iTMS under the "Thicker Than Water" Soundtrack.
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Discogs is your friend. From here you should be able to find it. I would guess it is Underwater Love (Morales Underwater Club Mix) from this album.
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