Suggestions on where I can run my dogs?
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I'm in the Longmont/Boulder region of Colorado. I'd like to find a place to legally run my two high energy dogs around without too many other dogs present. Farmer's fields with permission, more remote trails that allow dogs... Any other ideas?

Here are the two adorable troublemakers. They're half trained, and we're working towards voice-and-sight tags to use more of the local trails, but it might be a while.

They're herding mixes and stay within 50 meters or so. But, they're not car-safe, so fences or being remote is a necessity.

The local baseball and soccer fields and golf courses do not officially allow dogs.
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Best answer: One of my relatives has had good luck with Sniff Spot - connects dog owners with off leash dog parks.
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Best answer: Re farmers, you might try posting on Nextdoor to ask if anyone knows someone with rural property who would allow this. I don't think remote trails allow it, unfortunately, just the OSPM program that requires the voice and sight tag, which it sounds like you already know about. (I don't live there but hiked with a friend's dog on those trails).
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You might look into local logging or mining companies to see if they issue permits and allow off-leash dogs. I've hiked in those types of areas near Seattle and never seen another soul using them.
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Tom Watson Park . "A great place to walk and get your dog to play and run free for a bit." Google Maps reviewer.
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Tom Watson Park Rules: "Dogs must be on a leash at all times."
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Best answer: The Reynolds Ranch area is good for this if you don't mind heading up near Ned. We park at the spot labeled "606 Trailhead" on Google maps.
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The Davidson Mesa Open Space In Louisville has a quite large dog area, but I see it’s just closed now for repairs. Keep an eye on it reopening- if you go early enough in the day, there weren’t that many dogs there, and the space is pretty large. (Granted this knowledge is five plus years old, but that was true for years prior.)
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