Help me find the best cat bed EVER again
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Sometime in the mid-noughties I bought a couple cat beds from Cost Plus World Market. They were the greatest cat beds of all time. I've been kicking myself for years for ever getting rid of them. Please help me find them again.

If I had to guess, I'd say the cat beds were made in India and I'm hoping they are maybe a common type of cat bed in some other part of the world? The outside part was made of a pliable tightly woven cloth shaped like a little cylindrical cup with a flat bottom. The walls of the cup were quite high compared to many cat beds and a cat could be in the cup without being seen if it tucked itself in there. Inside of the cup was a cushion covered in printed cotton which you could lift out and the cushion cover could be washed. The whole thing was very colourful and pretty and my cats fricking LOVED them. One even passed away in one :(. They were also very aesthetically pleasing as home decor, which is another reason I want them again.

I've combed Etsy, Amazon and eBay to no avail and I'd be grateful for any leads.

Cat tax. More cat tax.
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tall rope basket with a cushion?
posted by tiny frying pan at 5:19 PM on November 20, 2022

Response by poster: I think that it was definitely made out of cotton rope but it was a straight up and down cylinder with no handles or animal faces.
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(There are tons of cotton rope baskets of all shapes and sizes - maybe you could recreate with the right size and cushion, is what I was kind of hinting at when I saw the cat one - cute kitties!)
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Piggybacking on tiny frying pan's suggestion, maybe something like this or this, and put a round cushion inside?
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If the sides were very colorful, too, maybe batik fabric? (links to sold-out Etsy listings, but the Wexford Treasures shop takes custom orders)
Multicolor Jeweled Extra Large Fabric Bowl Pet Basket Bed; Tutorial for Multicolor Rope Baskets
Handwoven Pet Baskets 1, 2
Cat Cuddle Cup Basket Bed
Chunky Crocheted Chenille Cat Bed Nest, Knitted Cat Basket
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Something like this?
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Response by poster: essexjan is the closest so far. The cushion is perfect on that one and I believe the outside is the same material.

I'm not very crafty (like even covering a cushion would be far beyond my ability), which is why I was looking to buy the same thing already made but I might have to break down and cobble something together. All of your suggestions are very good and my god, those handwoven cat baskets are gorgeous - but beyond my budget, I'm afraid.
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"round rope basket bed" is getting me some good results

I could see my cats really liking this felt version- cats love felt because they can integrate their hair into it (rolleyes)

If I just search for "round basket bed" I get lots of wicker if that's what you like!
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