iPhone. Only want photo for wallpaper. No clock. No calendar. No apps.
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iPhone 11 Pro Max. I only want a photo to show when I pick the phone up, until I unlock it. I cannot find how to do this. I've done it with many android phones. Here I've got this big pretty screen, I want only a photo until I unlock it. I want no clock. No calendar. No apps. Nothing. Just the image. That's it. Period. Is there some app to buy? Hold my mouth in some special way? Throw the phone into the river?
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I don’t recommend it, but it looks like if you root your iPhone it is technically possible…

I’m surprised that rooting and replacing the OS seems to be a common answer in Android land too…
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You can’t remove the clock.

In iOS 16 you can customize the Lock Screen, but the customization requires the clock as well as something in the field above it. The date usually show above the clock but you can swap in another widget in that spot, so there should be a way to put a blank widget in.

But at least right now with an normal iPhone, you can’t hide the Lock Screen clock. Best you can do is use the “depth effect” feature which will partially hide the clock behind the subject of the photo as long as you don’t have widgets under the clock. (That link is about disabling the feature but it’s the same, just check the option instead of unchecking it)
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On my very recently updated iPhone, I can have the time appear is Arabic Indic or Devanagari. It’s not exactly removing the clock, but at least you wouldn’t know what time it is (assuming the characters in those systems are foreign to you, as they are to me).
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This may not be exactly what you want, but on iOS if I go into Settings, Focus and set up a Focus, and while setting up that Focus, choose a photo (or edit one to become so) where the top portion is a black band, and then set the font color for the date/time to black, it basically disappears on my lock screen. (Or set it to white, to match a white band, etc.) Once set up, you can then define a schedule for that Focus (work hours, etc.) or just leave it on all the time.
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For clarity, after doing this, my lock screen looks like this. In that first image, the date and time appear hidden, but they are just colored black to match the background. Shown set to dark gray.
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