Hungry and thirsty in Portland Oregon
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What are your favorite foods and snacks in and around Portland? Bonus points for best chả giò, lumpia, bao, gyro, nachos, sandwich, and bar food?

What bars, taprooms, coffee shops etc., allow carry in food, so I don't have to be thirsty while enjoying all these delicious treats?
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Best answer: This is quite a broad question, and will be hard to answer. Is there a particular area of town you're interested in?

Regarding which places will allow you to bring in food - I've found that any establishment that doesn't sell its own food will generally allow you to bring in food. So that's pretty much any taproom, but not brewpubs for example.
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Best answer: Magna Kusina has some pretty good lumpia, along with other Filipino food.
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Best answer: There are so, so many answers to all of these! A few that spring to mind...

Lardo or Bunk feel like classic Portland options, and both should have some good beers (and probably a cider) on tap to go with
In my neighborhood, I also really like Lottie and Zula's, specifically the Underhill.

Bao: XLB

Nachos: I would love to know if you find especially delicious ones

Misc snacks:
Kimura Toast Bar on Williams (only on weekends these days)
Nuvrei in the Pearl for pastries (their espresso can be hit-or-miss, though)
JinJu on Williams also has very good pastries, patisserie, and chocolates
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Best answer: Bing Mi food truck!
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Best answer: What part of the city will you be in? Portland is rife with good options, so a little geographical specificity might help target recommendations.

In terms of carry-in food, beer bottle shops are your friend here. Anywhere that serves food won't let you bring in outside stuff and Oregon law dictates that any establishment with a liquor license has to serve food, so none of them will let you bring in outside food. But bottle shops that don't serve anything harder than beer or wine don't have to serve food, so will often let you bring in your own food.
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Best answer: Saraveza on Killingsworth has good food, rotating menu, as well as a deeeeeeep selection of beers and ciders

Many of the cart pods will also have at least one venue selling booze, if they are not outright cart pods based around a full bar like the Prost! Pod on N Skidmore & Mississippi.

Another recommended pod is the Hawthorne Asylum pod, 1080 SE Madison, which now has both Potato Champion (poutine) and Burmese Delights (delightful, takes forever).
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