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Looking for help locating an MP3 album by Spoon Studio from the early 2000s that doesn't come from a sketchy website or service.

Back when MP3s were new and shiny, I was subscribed to monthly samplers from MP3.com. One one was a set of songs from "Spoon Studio" released as a demo set for an album that might have intended to be called "Smoke Of Gunpowder". I enjoyed the tracks and had hoped they'd release the full album sometime.

Alas, MP3.com soon stopped sending samplers, there was no such thing as Kickstarter for Spoon Studio to fund-raise, nor did they have any sort of web presence. Any hope of more songs seemed lost.

Every now and again I remember the songs and try searching for any strands of the producer. Imagine my surprise last week when I found three different "MP3 Download Sites" listing an actual album called "Spoon Studio Works" with 17 different songs including "Smoke Of Gunpowder Final Mix"

The issue is these sites seem sketch and I'm not comfortable risking credit card payments to access what may or may not be legit music files. I have checked other TORRENT sites but nothing is coming up so I'm seeing if AskMe can help this quixotic quest to find actual music files and not infect my PC with malware.

The three sites I found are below (unlinked just in case):

Any assistance is appreciated!
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Best answer: I couldn't find it on Redacted or Soulseek, FWIW, although it's possible it'll appear one of those places in the future.

Of those links, mp3fiesta seems to be the most """legit""" — they have a preview of the file (is it what you remember?). thelyricarchive's login page gives a 404 error, so I don't think they actually have it, and the typepad download link goes to a expired domain — I think those two are just scraping from mp3fiesta to claim that they have it and get search traffic.
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I also checked rutracker and it doesn't seem to be there either. Might show up at some point, though.
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Looks like archive.org has dumps from MP3.com — around 1TB that you'd need to download to even see if it's in there, but maybe worth a shot?
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Best answer: Doesn't have the music, but here's the old MP3.com page for Spoon Studio on the Wayback Machine, if it's of interest to you :)
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