Most Prestigious UK & non-North American Literary Magazines ?
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Looking for the most prestigious publications in the UK and non-North America publishing prose and poetry

Wondering if anyone might be able to provide a list(s) or some names of the presently most prestigious -- top, influential, 'hot,' etc -- magazines, journals, and publications

(1) in the UK & Ireland
(2) internationally, sans North America

which publish prose and poetry in English.

There are more than several such 'rankings' lists online encompassing the USA and Canada, but haven't been able to find any for the UK and other parts of the world.


P.S. In case anyone plans to nitpick on what constitutes 'prestigious' in this day-and-age, which would miss the point of the post, here's an example of one such list
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In the UK, Granta should be high on the list
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I immediately thought of The Stinging Fly, based in Ireland (Sally Rooney was the editor for a few years).

I also found a couple of lists that have TSF and some other non-US mags on them, but be aware that these lists may be slightly outdated. For example, apparently The Mekong Review has stopped publishing recently.

But, delightfully, I did find out from conducting this search that a subscription service called Stack will send a new indie publication each month. (I guess that’s UK only, though? But looks like a great deal.)

I’m hoping others might have some better answers to this question.
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well-regarded in the uk for many a year:

the london magazine
the oxford review of books
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