Books about the Duke and Duchess of Windsor
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A bit of an embarrassing ask. I apparently have a morbid interest in the indulgent and largely shiftless lifestyle of the "royal we" - the Duke and Duchess of Windsor post-abdication. I just read 'The Traitor King' and 'Wallis In Love' and am looking for more information, specifically regarding what they actually did all day and how.
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I found a list of books on the topic here.
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Here’s an article from the Vanity Fair archive, The Oddest Couple (September 2003) by James Fox. More of an overview with conflicting viewpoints.
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The History Chicks did a two-part podcast on Wallis Simpson. They link their sources at the end of Part 2.
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You said books, but if video is also ok then The King Who Threw Away His Crown might interest you. Love in Exile (also YouTube) has some vintage footage of them going about their daily business in their home.

There is also Whatever Happened to the Windsors? if you've got Amazon Prime, which was narrated by Prince Edward, the now Duke of Wessex (Queen Elizabeth's youngest son). It does gloss over some of the more unsavoury aspects, as you might expect, but on the flip side gets interviews with figures who wouldn't normally give them if someone like Edward wasn't involved (because the Queen would have given him permission to do it and if she said it was ok, then it was ok). It also uses private Royal archives that aren't available to anyone else. Not quite a "a day in the life", but does explain what they did over large chunks of time after the abdication.
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I just finished Blood and Fire: The Duke of Windsor and the Strange Murder of Sir Harry Oakes by John Marquis. It's a little repetitive but does provide some insights into the couple's post-abdication activities and attitudes.

British Scandal's season on the abdication was also interesting to me, and I love the banter level. One-to-two jokes per episode and then on with it.
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