Can I burn this as kindling?
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We got a gift box with a bunch of this stuff, which is maybe aspen "wool" packing material? Can I use it as kindling for our wood stove?
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Best answer: If you offered it on Craigslist as "excelsior or wood wool", someone who raises small frogs or praying mantises (maybe spiders?) might want it to use for culturing fruit flies. You could also ask in a local herp group and/or ask the employees at a local pet supply store which of them has dart frogs, spiders, or mantids.

I'd guess yes on the kindling, but not an expert.
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I think you’d want to be sure it hadn’t been treated to be fire retardant.
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You could ask about fire retardant at American Excelsior. They list the aspen material as animal bedding, so I would doubt it's treated.
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I'd be 90% certain it's not treated with anything and happily use it as kindling, unless you can re-use it in a more sustainable way.
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Best answer: Definitely burn a tiny bit first (outside) to test it.
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Response by poster: Update: I did burn a tiny bit, it burned fine. I think it'll be fine for kindling, but I'm going to check w/the local pet store first, as amtho recommends. It would be a far better use!
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