What is this brass ornament thing?
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What is this brass ornament thing?

Pictures: front and back.

I found this a while ago, and I've been wearing it as a necklace (I added the string, it was not there when I found it). It's approximately 2.5 inches wide and 3 inches tall. I get a lot of questions about it, and am curious myself. I know it's not a bottle opener (um, at least not while wearing it...). Someone told me that her mom collected "Irish brass things" that looked just like it, but my google-fu fails me and I haven't found any information on that front. On the back of the top loop it's stamped "England" and there are no other markings. It looks like brass. I literally found it, like on the ground, so there was obviously no salesperson to ask.

Anybody happen to know what it might be?
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It looks like something to do with horses.
posted by Pigpen at 3:59 PM on April 22, 2006

Best answer: It looks like a horse brass. They're decorative attachments for a workhorse's bridle.
posted by veedubya at 4:01 PM on April 22, 2006

Best answer: Picture of horse brasses.
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Response by poster: Wow, here it is. Thanks.

"Decorative attatchments for a workhorse's bridle" seems all too appropriate for me to be wearing today. I'm not sure how I feel about that :)
posted by ruby.aftermath at 4:07 PM on April 22, 2006

I have one of those with a Cornish Pixie on it. I've had forever. Thanks MeFi for letting me know what the hell it is!
posted by WinnipegDragon at 9:58 PM on April 22, 2006

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