you love your house slippers and you didn't pay an arm and a leg
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You love your house slippers, and you didn't have to talk to a loan officer to buy them. (other reasons you love them below the fold)

One reason you love them is that they fit well and are comfortable. They also have some kind of rubberized sole, which prevents you from slipping on wet surfaces when you go out to get the paper or take out the trash (I know—who still gets the paper, right?). The padding on the soles is just right, and they were relatively inexpensive in the grand scheme of things.
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I have a pair of Uniqlo "room shoes" that fit your bill.
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I don't know what your idea is of an arm and a leg, but OMG I just bought these from Uggs and they are fantastic. I normally don't care for Uggs, but these hug your feet and the thick soles are perfect for taking out the trash.
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North Face thermoball slippers are like sleeping bags for your feet. Would recommend.
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I have these Ugg slippers - they're the 2nd pair I've owned, the first lasted over a decade.
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Glerups aren't cheap, but they last and last. My Glerups slippers (boot style) are 8 years old and I still enjoy putting them on.
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Best answer: I always buy Acorn slippers - either the Original Acorn Moccasins or the Fleece Moc Slippers. They are exactly what you're describing. They have rubberized soles but otherwise nothing about them is stiff or hard. They're very comfortable. And they don't have unnecessary fluffy collars that I have to watch gradually becoming unattractively dirty and unfluffy. You can wash them in the washing machine. I can usually find a pair on sale somewhere, especially if I'm willing to go with a pattern or color that isn't my absolute favorite. Right now you can buy them right from Acorn on sale at a reasonable price.
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I recently bought the fleece lined Croc sandals and they are perfect house shoes. I like them way better than my Glerups. The fleece keeps them cozy but the sandals means they breathe a lot. I do wear them with socks though.
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I've got these nothing fancy Dearfoam slippers that are the best slippers I've ever had. Going on year 2 of wearing them a lot. Description says "slip resistant". Yay!
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i have had uggs (disquette and ansley models), sorels, and crocs that all were great and lasted a long time. i feel like a house shoe should be 20$ but that isn't our reality and i have spent up to $120 on these and found it worth it.
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Well, I was going to recommend the Crocs clogs with cushioned insoles that have served me well for the past 10 years, but it appears they don’t make that style anymore and I can’t remember what the name was. Mine are bright yellow and kind of look like Minnie Mouse’s shoes. But any Crocs with a cushioned insole would probably be just as comfortable and hard-wearing.
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I LOVE my Blissfoots! They are medium warm but roomy enough for socks underneath. They are also cushioned, flexible, non-slip, and machine wash & dry. I wear them indoors and out all the time. They're around $40 with shipping etc.
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Costco has such a great return policy I recommend theirs. If you don't like them in spring, you could take them back :)
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Came to recommend Glerups - I have converted most of my family. I have the leather-soled mid-rise ones, but there are rubber soled ones as well, that come in a slip-on, shoe, and bootie style. Warm, extremely comfortable, have never developed an odor. They do stretch a tiny bit over time so if you are between sizes I would go down.
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I am yet another person pointing at Uggs, though a different model: I have had these for more than 8 years and they are still in great shape. Yes, they cost $100, but they're actually worth it.
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I had both the Tasman and Dakota Uggs at various points that I would wear out to class on my small campus in Michigan, so they can certainly handle the walk to the front door. I would say an additional consideration for Uggs is that you can buy new inserts if after a couple of years the shearling gets a little funky (alternatively, you can also get the inserts and use them in some “ok” target level slippers. Overall I’d say that I prefered the Dakota’s and remember them having a bit of a better sole than the Tasmans
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My current slippers are shearling-lined Birkenstock Boston clogs, but they’re pricey. Here is a cheaper knockoff.

I have also had and loved Ugg slippers.

I have never felt anything as cushy as Overland merino-lined slippers. They are like big fluffy clouds. I am wearing the Birks for now because of plantar fasciitis (the Overlands I have are flat, not the arch support version) but when they wear out I will replace them with Overland slippers.
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Dearfoams from Costco, new pair every 2 years just because mine get scuzzy.
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I just bought these Bombas gripper slippers a couple of weeks ago and I love them. They check all of your boxes: lightly padded, good grip, easy to slip on/off but they also stay securely on my feet, they're warm but no so warm that my feet sweat, machine-washable, and they come with a little travel bag.
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I love my LL Bean Wicked Good clogs, they are very warm and have rubber soles. They also last through several years of heavy use.
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I wear regular (non-fleece lined) Crocs as house shoes year round -- they keep my feet really warm and are washable, and in the winter I can wear wool socks with them. I used to have some Minnetonka slippers but my feet sweat a lot and made them stink, and they're not washable so they're basically perma-funked up once they're funked up.
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I wear crocs inside. Regular ole crocs. In winter I pair them with thicker socks. Summer I wear thinner socks. But I’m a socks all the time kinda gal. I sometimes run out and grab the mail or whatever, so I just wash them as needed. They conform to your feet and I like the option of clog or strap back.
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Off-brand Crocs and socks and I'm never wasting money on slippers again
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As a good Canadian, I swear by my Laurentian Chief moccasins. They have a full range -- crepe soles, rubber soles, just plain moose hide soles... Price depends on the retailer, but you're probably looking at $100 CAD for a pair that will last you forever.
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+1 vote for house Crocs
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Best answer: I love my Kozikicks sooo much I bought a second pair of them. Comfy, fleece-lined, machine washable, rubber sole suitable for taking out trash, etc. Come in multiple colors and often on sale but generally under $20/pair. Mens

I also have a pair of expensive wool slippers and I find myself mostly wearing these.
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Crocs. Wear with socks during cold weather.
They are comfortable, washable, durable and suitable all year round.
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Airwalks. Cheap and long lasting. I just gave mine away to someone who needs very comfy slippers because of edema. I bought them in 2014.
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Response by poster: So overwhelmed at the responses here, and I've been working all day, so I haven't had a chance to check any of these out. I'll attend to that in the morning and mark favorites, but let me say now thank you very much to all who responded!
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Amazon is having a 50% off sale on these Adidas slippers that I really like.
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I have these Haflingers, and I live in them. I've worn them basically all the time - I work from home, & I wear them all day most days - for about two years, with no sign of them wearing out. They have thick cork and rubber soles, you can totally wear them outside, they're warm, and they have very good foot support. They are on the pricey side by my own standards, (I've seen them in different places for anywhere between £45 -£75) but they are Seriously Good and seem to last forever. They are solid rather than soft, which I like because I need the arch support but ymmv. They're also quite spacious, so you can wear them with big fluffy socks or squishy insoles if you want.
Before these I had a pair of Mahabis with the detachable rubber soles, which were also good but less solid and wore out much faster.
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