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US election filter: Looking for specific organizations where a last-minute donation might possibly do some good. Things like groups providing rides or helping to counteract intimidation at the polls in areas with tight races, for example. I have some dollars I can donate, but don't know where. Maybe you do?
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Best answer: I just got an email (not personally) from the Development Director for VoteRiders specifically asking for last-minute donations to help get people to the polls. I posted an FPP about VoteRiders and several other organisations in September.
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Best answer: I came in to say vote riders. Not only have I volunteered with them helping folks get ID required to vote, they helped a formerly incarcerated person i know navigate some tricky ID getting stuff.

They are continuing to help people navigate voter id stuff, assuring that people who want to vote and are eligible CAN.
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Response by poster: Looks great, thank you! They do say they're explicitly nonpartisan, though, so if anyone knows of groups doing similar work but specifically to help get democratic votes out, I'd love to hear about it. (I know limited voting access disproportionately affects demographics more likely to vote blue, but still.)
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Best answer: Pizza to the polls!

Our mission is to deliver free food to people who are participating in civic life, from long lines at polling places to nonpartisan events focused on voter education, registration, and turnout.
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Best answer: I donated on Sunday to Katie Hobbs, the Dem running against Kari Lake for Arizona governor. It's a close race, and Lake is awful.
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