Getting back up to speed on NYC's cocktail scene
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Longtime cocktail enthusiast here, but thanks to the pandemic, I'm no longer up to date on the bars really worth trying here in NYC. I'd love to hear both about specific (newer) bars that you like a lot, as well as trusted resources (websites, reviewers, social media accounts etc.) for learning about new places. Thanks for your tips, and happy tippling!
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I'm based on the other coast, so don't have very much knowledge of what's going on in NYC these days, but I've found both Eater and The Infatuation to be useful resources in other cities for finding good and up-to-date info on places to eat and drink. Here's a relevant list from Eater, and here's one from The Infatuation.
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Double Chicken Please opened during the pandemic, I'm pretty sure, and has some excellent cocktails (as well as great chicken sandwiches). They serve the fancier cocktails only in the back room, so I'd try to get in there — I didn't need a reservation, but you might want to make one if you're going at a busy time or don't want to wait.
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I visited recently for the first time in years, and got recommendations from local friends who are also cocktail enthusiasts.

Unfortunately for reasons I didn't get to go to many places, but the one place I did go and absolutely love was PS, which is the bar in the back of Pine & Polk. Fantastic and interesting cocktails, and very tasty food to go with. I loved that so much of both were very savory-focused. Nice people behind the bar, too.

Double Chicken Please was also recommended to me by many people.
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The folks behind the Union Square Cafe opened a joint called Porchlight in Chelsea that is quite solid.
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