ISO perfectionism/ADHD resourses and workbooks
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Help me find resources on managing adult ADHD, perfectionism and obsessive thoughts while I get together enough funds to start therapy.

I've read a ton on what it is, but not much on how to help myself.
I'm only able to start therapy and, hopefully, medication, in about a year. But to get to that point I need some help now. I've been spiraling in the vicious perfectionism/procrastination cycle for too long to get out of that funk without some external help. Any recommendation will be much appreciated.
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You're in good company. Here are the previous ask-me questions tagged with adhd+procrastination, in case any of them are interesting. Here's the perfectionism+procrastination tag pairing. And a small handful on adhd+perfectionism. See also ocd+adhd.
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What is your obsessive thinking about?

The following is my somewhat general advice, not knowing your specifics.

I have made comments on ADHD posts before with my thoughts on this. Here on mindset around habits and changing them, or not. Here's one on anxious thinking patterns and how best to tackle anxiety.

My question "How to do the thing when you're afraid of the thing and also feel okay" solicited a lot of great comments about dealing with the emotional fall-out from my ADHD work tendencies. I summarized it at the time as follows:

Just to highlight a couple of my most important takeaways – one is self-esteem and self-worth being the primary and most important thing. The very excellent Something Shiny podcasts (specifically the All About ADHD Series) when getting into the “what to do about it” part listed three things – self-esteem and the belief that you can do it, advocating for accommodations and developing your personal list of what those look like, and metacognition (thinking about thinking). It’s a nice framework for slotting in all of these answers which each tackle different pieces.

I strongly, strongly recommend the podcast Something Shiny, really all of the episodes but these particularly touch on the "right way" to do things: Episode 007: Isn’t there a right way of doing things?, and Episode 008: Are we designed to procrastinate?.
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