What are the most effective organizations helping Hurricane Ian victims?
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I did Google and AskMeFi searches on "best charity for hurricane ian donations" and didn't find much detail. Even Charity Navigator just listed charities they recommend (in general) on the page dedicated to Hurricane Ian. More after the break.

But if you are in the affected areas, or have relatives or friends who are, what organization do they want people to be giving to? To be clear, it's one thing to say that an organization has transparent finances or has a high percentage of donated funds going to their targeted demographic, but how do I know that when I give on a Hurricane Ian page that they will use the funds for that? I even tried clicking some of the Donate buttons and even though I came from an Ian page the first page they took me to looked pretty generic.

If I'm missing the obvious answer(s) I apologize. I just want to do the most good with what I give.
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Best answer: This may be more specific than you’re looking for, but I follow a lot of businesses in Sanibel on Facebook, and the general consensus seems to be that the FISH Foundation is the preferred charity for recovery on the island. I follow a couple places in Fort Myers too, but I haven’t seen any particular recommendations there like I have for Sanibel.
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Best answer: Give Directly
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Response by poster: Thanks very much kevinbelt and pinochiette for your answers.

I was not familiar with either charity previous to this question, and I marked them both as best answers because we will be giving to both charities.

For any future viewers of this question, here are some additional references I found for GiveDirectly:
- FastCompany article from 2022-10-07 on GiveDirectly and its U.S. Hurricane Emergency Relief campaign.
- Charity Navigator 4 star rating and 91% score for GiveDirectly.
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