my laptop is dead
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My laptop died. or at least is in a coma.

The other night i was doing my normal routine of pushing my pc's limits, ya know the usual... internet poker, photoshopping for a website, listening to itunes, watching a dvd and an mpeg on vlc and of course searching the web for porn....

anyway, about an hour and a half into this my computer completely died. i have experienced crashes seldomly but never have i seen the machine just die. the power supply is non-existent. i sniffed around it for a short but no smell.
i am taking it in to a shop to day but i was just curious your thoughts. thanks.
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new power supply probably

do you have a multimeter? if so you can test the DC voltage coming out of the power supply. If there's no voltage showing, that's all you need to replace. If there is, you need to take the laptop into the shop and pray.

That presumes the battery was totally drained. Did you notice? Do you have another battery you can swap in to check?
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Unplug it, take the battery out, plug it in, power up. Sometimes that works.
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