How can I watch the Jeopardy Tournament of Champions away from home?
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This week is the Jeopardy Tournament of Champions and I could not be more excited; this is like the Super Bowl and I have been eagerly anticipating watching every night live. But I will be out of town and working during two nights of the tournament. Is there any way to watch it away from my cable box?

I live in NYC and have Spectrum cable. I will be in Chicago Tuesday and Wednesday but I will be working during the live broadcast. I have a Roku and a Fire Stick but don't use them often; I'm not sure if they would even work with the hotel TV, and if they did, if I could find a way to watch the episodes on the same day.

I know the Pluto app has Jeopardy streaming, but it's just a broadcast of random episodes.

If I have to, I will watch the episodes I missed when I'm back home and try to avoid spoilers. But in a perfect world I could watch that day's episode the second I finish work and go back to my hotel room.

Any suggestions very welcome, thank you!
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It looks like you should be able to use the Spectrum app to stream live tv on any mobile devices you have or on your Roku connected to the hotel tv. Instructions for connecting are available from Roku.
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Best answer: Sling TV carries NBC (that's Jeopardy's channel, right?) in both NYC and Chicago. Subscribe for a month (looks like first month is half off right now). Record it on their free DVR feature, which only gives you a few hours but which should be enough for your purposes. Watch on your laptop/ipad/phone in your hotel room at your leisure. Cancel when you're done (easy peasy).
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Best answer: Impossible for me to say for sure, but one might check YouTube after ~2 p.m. central to see if the day's episode has been uploaded by a terrible media pirate. Again, I have no idea if a terrible media pirate would do such a thing, but like...they might.
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Best answer: You can use praemunire’s method with a free trial or one month YouTube TV subscription too- it also has unlimited DVR. But try the spectrum app- you should use what you already pay for if you can!
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ABC has a streaming app that you can sign into with your cable providers credentials. I regularly use it on my Roku and have used it on Android tablets when traveling.
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Jeopardy is a syndicated show that is on many different channels in different cities, it's more related to which channel wants to carry it than a network. Ask the hotel (in advance) which cable service they use, then try to find a guide for that cable service. 90% of the time the show is on a local channel . You can search out the channel by zip code at the game show's web site here and then find out where that channel is on the hotel's TVs
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone for the tips! After I posted this, my husband said he would just DVR the episodes for me, and then we'll Skype so he can show the episodes on his screen and we can watch together. Low tech but even more fun!
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Perhaps useful information: Sling won't work. They carry Fox and NBC in select markets, but in both NYC and Chicago Jeopardy is on the ABC station.. Also apparently the Chicago station airs it at 3:30?
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