Encryption for an entire hard disk partition
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What's the best way to encrypt an external hard disk? (Mac OS X)

I have an external hard disk that goes where my iBook goes. I use FileVault on the laptop, but am concerned that if the double act were taken, the laptop would be safe, but all the docs, snaps, music, software (including serial numbers) on the external HDD would be very easy pickings.

The only method I can think of for protecting this information are encrypted disk images, but these are a bit of a pain to work with when they're gigabytes big. Is there a method or a tool to encrypt an entire partition?
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would making the image sparse help?
posted by andrew cooke at 6:15 AM on April 22, 2006

Response by poster: It's certainly an improvement! Thanks.
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Response by poster: @runningdog
Knox just seems like a wrapper for something OS X can already do - or am I missing something? Does it do it better/simpler?
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