Panera alternative in Salt Lake City?
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I'm looking for places in Salt Lake City with free self-serve iced tea refills that don't mind someone hanging out for a few hours.

When I'm home I like to work out of Panera's a few days a week because:
1. I drink a lot of iced tea, and they have free refills you can get yourself.
2. They're always set up for working on a laptop, with outlets, wifi, and other people working.

I'm now in Salt Lake City and would like to find a replacement. I've visited a few great coffee shops that serve iced tea, and they meet criteria 2 but get expensive because they don't offer free refills. Lots of sandwich, taco, and other counter serve restaurants meet criteria 1, but I've yet to find one that meets 2. They tend to have smaller seating areas that get full, so it would be rude to take a seat for hours without spending a lot.

I do sometimes make iced tea at home and take it in a thermos to the main branch of the library, so other places like that where you can work on a laptop for a few hours would be appreciated too.
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Best answer: There's the university.
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Best answer: Maybe 5 Guys? Not exactly a typical hang out for ages place, but they have free refills on soda at least, and I think iced tea. I wouldn’t normally answer this question with 5 Guys, but I see you don’t have many other responses so I’m throwing it out there. McDonalds might also have free refills, not sure.

Personally I like your library + thermos idea. There may be hotel or museum lobbies that you could also hang out in for a while.
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Best answer: I don't think they do refills, but Starbucks employees generally could care less about how long you stick around to work.
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Best answer: Starbucks does refills on iced tea in the same visit if you use their app to order and when you order the refill.
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Best answer: I’m not 100% sure on the iced tea situation, but I used to work at The upstairs section of Harmons grocery store in downtown SLC. I remember them having incredibly fast Wi-Fi. This was pre-covid so I’m not sure how it is now.

Also, the downtown library was an INCREDIBLE remote work spot. I miss that!!
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