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Could anyone help me with a frustrating html / css problem relating to a glitchy display in internet explorer?

The page is here, the css is here.

It looks right in firefox, but in iexplorer there is a strip of background tan color to the right of the light blue section (the header_address div) and the menubar (the menuh-container div).

There is also a file csshover.htc - to fix the menu in explorer, that part is just copied from someone else, so I don't really understand it clearly... I am not even sure it is relevant, but just in case.

For both of the relevant divs I have width set to 100%. So why the retarded display in explorer? Sorry if it is something stupid and obvious, but sometimes I need these things pointed out as I am a noob.

Thank you all in advance for your time / attention in this issue.
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FWIW, that little strip of tan is also there using Safari.
posted by Thorzdad at 4:24 AM on April 22, 2006

Best answer: This looks like it works:

MARGIN: 0px;

I'm pretty much a noob too, so I have no idea if that's valid or if it breaks anything else, but it looks like it's rendering the way you want it.
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btw the tan strip is there in firefox as well, you just don't see it until you scroll over.
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Response by poster: BINGO! juv3nal, you rock, I never thought to play with the body tag but that is obviously what's needed.

Thanks so much, now I can stop pissing around and get on with better things!
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I added the margin fix and validated the pages. It seems to work in all browsers now. Here is my version.
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Is this in Khmer? Because you don’t have language tagging on the html element or whenever the language changes. You also should declare a character encoding (correctly done on the server, whose setting is supposed to prevail, but if you put it in your Web page it works as a backup; UTF-8 seems appropriate).
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