Multivitamin with Lutein
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Please help me find a multivitamin with Lutein in it!

I have never taken vitamins before. Recently I started taking Lutein on advisement from my eye doctor. I was also advised by my GM that I should take Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 (after reviewing my bloodwork).

So now I'm taking three pills a day, one for each. I hate it! I hate swallowing pills, I hate having to remember it, I hate having three bottles out on my counter every day.

I know this is a really petty thing to stress over but... I would absolutely love to find ONE vitamin/pill that has all three things in it. The problem is the lutein. I cannot for the life of me find a multivitamin that has lutein in it. Supposedly Centrum USED to make a Centrum Lutein but I cant find it for sale anywhere.

The Lutein tablets I take are 40mg so it would have to be roughly comparable. I did find a couple that had really really low traces of Lutein, but nothing close to what I need.
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The PreserVision AREDS 2 multivitamin and Ocuvite Eye Multi are both ostensibly focused on eye health with added multivitamin features, but each has 5mg of lutein.
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Best answer: You want to look for formulations of Centrum or other multivitamins aimed for "older" adults. For example, Centrum Silver Women 50+ includes 300 mcg of Lutein. It also has probably more than enough D (25 mcg /1000 IU) and B12 (50 mcg).
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I'm not finding anything with a multi + high dose of lutein, but is it possible for you to switch your lutein over to a gummy if swallowing pills is the issue? These gummies have 20 mg per 2 gummies, so 4 gummies a day would match your current lutein pill. Or two of those gummies along with one of the multis mentioned above would get you to 25mg a day, with only one pill to swallow and a few to chew.
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You can find those vitamins and lutein in gummy form if you don't like pills. Most of the stuff in the pill is just inert filler. If you don't like it, there is probably another form that you'd like better.
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Response by poster: It's more the taking of multiple things. I just want to take one thing a day. I guess worst case, I'll take 2 things - the multi vitamin and the lutein.
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Best answer: 40mg of lutein is a lot; could you diversify your diet so that a multivitamin with (much less) lutein would meet your/your eye doctor's goals? Beyond that, I think you should prioritize resolving the known deficiencies; B12 & D vitamin deficiencies have well-documented ill effects, and normalizing levels help your long-term eye health.
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Response by poster: Thank you everyone. Iris Gambol, that stuff about too much lutein is terrifying! I am going to rethink this whole thing. i think the multivitamin for older women (I'm 43 but.. whatever works!) is probably my best bet.
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I hate having three bottles out on my counter every day.

I hated this, too, until I started decanting my vitamins into glass jars. Mine are all gummies, so now they just look pleasingly like jars of candy lined up on the counter. They’re still visible enough that I remember to take them, but a lot less visually chaotic and bothersome than the plastic bottles they come in.
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