How can I watch the World Series and election coverage?
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I want to watch the World Series (go Phillies!) and election coverage. What's the best way to have FOX (for the World Series) and some news channel for the election? Is it Sling Blue?

I haven't been paying attention to baseball lately but I would like to be able to watch the Phillies in the upcoming World Series. I also have traditionally hosted an Election Watch Party And Chili Cook-Off and some friends want to bring this back even though it's a midterm year, because we didn't do it in 2020 because *waves hands*. (The Chili Cook-Off is to give us something to vote on while we wait for the actual voting.)

Other than this I basically don't watch live TV. So how can I get:
- to see the World Series (this seems to be on FOX)
- to have access to the various news channels on election night
Given the dates involved, I can't do this with a one-week free trial but a one-month free trial can work. I'm willing to pay for a month of some streaming service I don't usually subscribe to but I don't want something with a contract.

Possibly relevant details:
- I have one Roku-enabled TV and one dumb old TV with an Apple TV box plugged into it
- I have an antenna lying around but it doesn't work so well
- My local TV channels would be Atlanta channels
- I have Hulu (although technically it's not my account, if you know what you mean). Also Netflix and Disney+ but these are probably irrelevant.

It looks like a month of Sling Blue would work - can anyone confirm?
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Best answer: Yep, Sling Blue will give you what you're looking for. Apple TV has a Sling client.
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Best answer: Sling Blue will definitely give you what you need, and one month will also give you the beginning of the World Cup (also on FOX, and FS1), if that's of interest to you.
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Best answer: Just an alternative answer, YouTube TV has all the local Atlanta networks (my area also) and all your news channels.
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Best answer: Came in to suggest a free month trial to YouTube TV. A friend signed up for one to do exactly what you're looking to do.
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Response by poster: Went with Sling. We'll see how it goes tonight.
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Response by poster: Following up: Sling Blue has worked, on various devices (smart TV, dumb TV with Apple TV, phone, computer).
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