How to wash my University class jersey?
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My University class recently celebrated its' 10 year anniversary, and as part of that, I purchased a jersey with the year number, University name, and my last name on the back. The quality/material of the jersey is very high quality, and "heavy", with the year, name, etc. 'raised'. Not sure how to explain it. It's starting to smell like BO, because I wore it to my University's Homecoming event, which was hot and sweaty. How do I wash it?

I'd really prefer not to use dry cleaning services, as it's so expensive, but I'm also not sure about using my washing machine. The label says to wash inside out on the gentle cycle, and then hang dry, which isn't a problem, but I'm concerned that the raised letters/numbers will get harmed. They were added onto the jersey professionally.

Should I wash the jersey by itself using the gentle/delicate cycle, then hang dry, without worrying about it harming the letters/numbers, or would this really be best done professionally?

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Best answer: Gentle cycle as instructed, hang dry as instructed (but turn it right-side out for that), call it good. If the lettering was added professionally, it's probably stitched, so that's fine too. If it was done cheaply, it was glued, but that's also easily fixed.

Moving forward, it's probably a good idea to wear a tshirt under the jersey so you can get a few wearings before needing to wash, but there's no need for this to be a drycleaner situation.
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Best answer: I wash my baseball jerseys inside-out on the gentle cycle and hang to dry exactly like you've described and so far they've lasted for years with no noticeable damage. This includes the $30 knockoff ones I own. None have melted yet.
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Best answer: Washing* the jersey inside out on the "delicates" cycle, and then hanging to dry will be fine.

*maybe toss in some oxiclean and/or white vinegar to help with with the stink.
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Best answer: To further help against shrinkage, you can wash in cold or cool water, provided you use a detergent made for cold washing.
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Best answer: maybe toss in some oxiclean and/or white vinegar

Or. Not and.
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Response by poster: Victory! Tossed the jersey (gently) inside-out in the washing machine, added a bit of baking soda (I do this with all of my loads, helps neutralize the strong smell of the detergent), vinegar, and of course, a bit of detergent. Washed it cold on the delicate/gentle cycle, and it came out great! It's now hanging out on my balcony, right-side out.

Thanks! The vinegar idea was a good one as well :) hope this helps anyone else who has a similar question.
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