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I love to watch more movies or TV series that have beautiful sets. Can you suggest some, please? Examples of shows that have what I'm looking for inside...

The Crown
Sex Education (particularly Gillian Anderson's character's house)

I like amazing use of color, interesting architecture (especially paneling or molding) or places that look really comfortable to be in. I'd be happy to have suggestions for any location, culture, or class (not just the British ones in my examples).

Extra bonus points for explaining what you like about the set.
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I really love the condo building in Only Murders in the Building. It's where I like to fantasize that I'd live if I lived in New York.
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I think Downton Abbey -- which is a show I heartily got sick of and ended up not finishing -- would fit your requirements perfectly.

I also just watched Rosaline on Hulu (Romeo and Juliet's story told from the POV of Romeo's ex), and they clearly shot it in some beautiful historic villas somewhere. They're absolutely lovely.

Similarly, the Kenneth Branagh Much Ado About Nothing, shot in Tuscany. Every set is gorgeous, interior and exterior.
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Love Between Fairy and Devil, the sets and clothing are absolutely gorgeous and lived-in. Ghibli-level of set design (though it's live action with occasional surprisingly non-dodgy cheap CGI). It's a similar romance-humour-action combo to Bridgerton except with extra supernatural and magic. Takes them nearly a dozen episodes to expand from the first few set locations though.
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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.
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I spent my entire late teenage and early twenties obsessed with the interior aesthetics and color palette of Amélie. One of the pivotal scenes involves her finding a secret treasure behind the tiles of her old timey Parisian bathroom.

This probably says more about my own tastes than the criteria you shared, but I am also obsessed with Susan Sarandon's English adjunct by day/sexy baseball witch by night apartment in Bull Durham.

Seconding Only Murders in the Building.
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The Queen's Gambit
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Only Murders in the Building has stunning interiors. Try The Gilded Age along with Downton Abbey.

The house in The Midnight Club is really cool.
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Maybe a little too violent, but Warrior (2019-) "During the Tong Wars in the late 1800s, Ah Sahm, a martial arts prodigy from China, immigrates to San Francisco and becomes a hatchet man for the most powerful tong in Chinatown."

Very wide range of visuals, from the humble to incredibly wealthy. Also contrasts well the facade versus the private comfort. British/ American and groups of immigrants from various regions of South China. All done well. Costumes are good, too. Oh, cool, there finally will be a season 3 in 2023.
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The End of the Fucking World sets have a similarly retro feel to Sex Education. The colour scheme is a little darker - more reds and browns, less yellow. Lots of panelling.
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Mad Men, 1000%.
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Oh, and Severance, if you like weird.
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I recommend checking out The Great. The sets and framing are strikingly beautiful, with rich, lush, warm colors and interesting textures - carvings, embroidery, etc. (The linked trailer gives just a taste of the style. Many scenes are yet more gorgeous and fetchingly shot than the bits they chose.)

Bonus - it's a really great show with a witty script and an excellent ensemble cast. Give it a try!
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Murder in Provence (one season) has me trying to memorize her home (and Roger Allam). Signora Volpe, (one season) another British mystery set in Umbria where it's always sunny and warm.

For something jaw-dropping and completely different: The Curse of the Golden Flower, set in Peking, as it was.
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Best answer: Would you be interested in non-Anglo historical fiction? to over-generalize, these productions get a lot of budget for set design. I don't watch much China-made dramas but my friends made me watch Nirvana in Fire, and I thought the sets were quite grand. For movies, Hero gets recommended a lot on the aesthetics you're asking for. For South Indian movies, also a lot of choices but I'm not too well-versed, but as always, I'm going to recommend Baahubali specifically . From my country, I would say this is a little slow, but Puteri Gunung Ledang reimagines this myth into a historical period when the Hindu kingdoms in the region are on the wane while Muslim kingdoms were increasing in power, so there's intentional juxtaposition of styles as well.
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For TV: Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire
For movies: The Fall, I Am Love, The Talented Mr. Ripley
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Under the Tuscan Sun features a near-ruined Tuscan villa gradually being renovated in a way that mirrors the lead character’s life transformation through the course of the film. It’s a little cheesy but enjoyable. Even a tumble down Tuscan villa is pretty beautiful, and the house is depicted as a place of nurturing and growth.
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The Hunger with Susan Sarandon and David Bowie. It's like forty years old and I probably haven't seen it since then, but the sets and atmosphere is what I remember about it. And it's the perfect season for it.
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Umbrella Academy, especially the first season.
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Response by poster: I'm so excited to watch all of these suggestions! Thank you!
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The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover has some really striking and iconic use of color in the sets.
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Wes Anderson movies.
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I’ve always loved the interiors on Dead Like Me, Georgia’s family’s house and the house that the reapers “inherit” from an elderly lady, especially.
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I think at least part of Marie Antoinette was filmed at Versailles. It's pretty spectacular.
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Poirot is known for its art deco sets.
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The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
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Howards End (the 1992 version)
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Frida for the wonderful colors and architecture of Mexico.
For moulding and architecture you can't go wrong with Amadeus.
1930s Italy - The Conformist.
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Kleo on Netflix has a particular aesthetic and really leverages heightened styles from East and West Germany in the 80s and 90s. There's some really great wallpaper on display in this series.

If you can find Francis Ford Coppola's One From the Heart, it has a very theatrical sensibility to it. Like, explicitly, in both the sets and lighting (and story and acting...).
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This may be a too out there suggestion, but if you are also a fan of the Amelie aesthetic, Pushing Daisies main character seems to be the set design itself.
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Pushing Daisies did interesting things with color & set design.
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I mean, after the Pushing Daisies and Dead Like Me mentions, can I just say Bryan Fuller's stuff in general? He has a real focus on aesthetics that definitely goes beyond sets but that absolutely includes them. (If you can tolerate gore, hie thee to Hannibal - the murder is art, the food is people, it's all dark and lovely and horrible.)
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Also, given some of the period pieces you mention - what about Babylon Berlin? Weimar-era Berlin is a character in its own right.
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I'm a big fan of the aesthetics of the flats in Pedro Almodóvar's films - they're so colourful and warm and they just fit so well with the stories and characters as well.
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The infamous 1963 Dick & Liz Cleopatra has hours and hours of dazzling sets. It's almost too much. My brother mentioned that it seemed like an influence on Peter Greenaway's set designs (note a warning for the recommended 'The Cook The Thief...' for some weird violence).

Russian Ark is a feast of vintage museum set design. In related, the 1967 Russian version of War and Peace also used actual vintage 19th century furniture and chandeliers from various museums in a spare-no-expense budget.
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Knives Out? Especially the room with the knives.
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Another great filmmaker who goes all out on sets is Roy Andersson. One of my favorite scenes.
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In the Mood for Love and other films by Wong Kar Wai.

Point Blank is a movie well-respected for its use of color, which is talked about at length by the director and Steven Soderbergh on the commentary.

The Conformist
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You didn't specify a time period, so a couple of these are 10-15 years old, hope that's ok.

Alfonso Cuaron's kind of uneven but stunningly beautiful adaptation of "Great Expectations"

Based on the trailer, Akiva Goldman's adaptation of "Winter's Tale." I refuse to watch it because I have such strong imagined visuals from reading the book that I don't want to layer them with someone else's vision.

"Far From Heaven" by Todd Haynes.

Wes Anderson films.

Concurring with "Only Murders in the Building" from the recent TV offerings and "Mad Men" from earlier.
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Sorry, other films of Wong Kar Wai.
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Le Cercle Rouge, Le Samouraï, and other films by Jean Pierre Melville.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Transit, Phoenix, Undine, and other work by Christian Petzold.

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Seconding the movie The Fall. It includes footage shot in more than 20 countries, with amazing landscapes and architecture included. The wikipedia page includes a list of filming locations.
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The new Interview With The Vampire series has incredibly beautiful sets in the past scenes and some beautiful art in the background of the present scenes, like a Francis Bacon triptych that I was so happy to recognize.
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Patriot (Amazon Prime) and Perpetual Grace, Ltd (Epix)
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