Medical jargon help?
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"tab-gen abortion" "a demonstration set of lams, pale green matchsticks made of compressed seaweed." These phrases occur in a novel I'm reading; the speaker is (presumably) a gynecologist or CNP who is counseling a patient about a second-trimester abortion. I Googled and searched various medical encylopedias and came up empty. What is "tab-gen"? And are lams some kind of abortifacient suppository? Thanks.
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tab-gen = tablet generation = RU-486?
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*wiggles delightedly* Thanks, speranza and ruminant. The context of the novel didn't quite make it clear enough but your answers did! The hive mind, outstanding as usual.
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That was my first best answer - thanks scratch!
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lams are definately laminaria.

But RU-486 isn't used in a second trimester abortion. In fact, it isn't even used for the entire first trimester. So either tab-gen means something else, or the writer should have done more research.
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Bah - I should've realised that raedyn. Sorry scratch.
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TAB is medical shorthand for" Therapeutic Abortion". I'm not sure what TAB-Gen means, though.
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Just out of curiosity: what novel?
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