Advice on PS2 controllers?
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I need a PS2 controller that won't cripple my hands.

I hate the PS2 controller that comes with console. It's really uncomfortable to hold for long periods of time. (In fact, when I started console gaming a few years ago, one of the reasons I bought an Xbox was because of the controller. I wanted to play something right out of the box, and not spend more money on third party items.) I've been playing Onimusha:Dawn of Dreams a lot lately, and the game requires near constant use of the L1 and R1 buttons, which is starting to cause some serious pain in my index fingers and thumbs.

I really like the standard Xbox controller (small size). It's far more comfortable to hold for extended gaming. Is there something like this for the PS2? I'd rather not buy a bunch of controllers just to try them out.

And, another video game question...Is Link from the Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker games the only left-handed video game character? I don't have extensive gaming experience, but he's the only left-handed character I can think of.
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You could use this box to plug your Xbox controller into your PS2. It may give you trouble, unless you can remap the buttons in the game, though: For some reason they mapped L1 and R1 to the black and white buttons making alot of games nearly unplayable.
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Also, don't forget to take regular breaks! Carpal tunnel is a bitch.
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I bought a miniature "Mad Catz" brand controller used at GameStop for about $6. It's about 3/4 the size of the standard controller, and I find it much more comfortable.

Caveat: the analog sticks are really springy. Flying the planes in GTA:SA is a little tricky, but now that I'm playing Burnout3 almost exclusively I haven't noticed any big problems.
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I second the "Mad Catz" controller. I haven't touched the original since I got it.
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I've sat here and had a good think about left-handed game characters, and the only one I can come up with is Ulala from Space Channel 5 - she always carries the microphone in her left hand, and I'm pretty sure she plays a left-handed guitar in the second game.
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I'd read that Mario is left handed too, but I haven't really played any of the games that feature him.
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lefty video game characters
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