Have you heard this quote before?
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The quote is this, exactly: “ Time is kinetic, It flows forward. As should you.” If you have heard it before, do you know the source? TIA.
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That sounds very familiar, but for the life of me I can't remember where or when I read it.
I thought it was possibly a Heinlein quote from one of his books, but my google skills are not up to par with some of MeFi folks and had no luck.

I'll be watching this, I must know!
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I put this to my human, who often speaks in quotations, and at first he thought it was a pop trivia question. He did not know the answer straight off. I told him it was a question from a MetaFilter person I liked, and he guessed Ovid's Metamorphoses and then later, Benjamin Button. He has not seen Benjamin Button. This is likely of little help.

If I may ask, do you remember hearing it in a movie or in a song, or reading it, or hearing it from someone else? Is this like that time that Paul was asking the other Beatles about the melody to "Scrambled Eggs"? Is it something a smart friend wrote to you in an email?
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(I forgot to say that I searched around a bit and didn't come up with something after a few tries. That doesn't necessarily mean anything.)
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Response by poster: It was physically written in a notebook. Googling did not find anything.
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