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I read aloud semi-regularly for a children’s story time. Most kids present are 4-6, though ages range from under 2 on the young end to probably 8 or 9 on the older end. At the last session, the book ‘Rattletrap Car’ by Phyllis Root and Jill Barton was received really well - kids were engaged and ‘with’ the story, partly due to the large page size of my copy. Now I want more BIG BOOKS to share! What are other similar books I can add to my read-aloud line-up? Especially interested in books with BIG PAGES.

For my latest story time session, I got a copy of 'Rattletrap Car' with really big pages. Not just oversize, it was like 2 feet high and 3 feet wide. Too large to hold in one hand. I had to rest the book on a chair in order to gesture. There was noticeably more interest in this story than in others with standard-size pages. I want to share more books like it!

Some of the other elements of ‘Rattletrap Car’ that I appreciated and/or noticed the kids were appreciating:

- repetition with building/adding on as the story progresses
- fun ‘noisy’ language (wappita-bappita thunketa-bumpeta fizzely-sizzely, bing bang plop!)
- journeying storyline
- problem solving from both older and younger characters
- family cooperation against an outside problem
- persistence and overcoming obstacles to reach a goal
- outside-the-box thinking
- both boy characters and girl characters presented as competent/creative/clever

The combination of great story and really big pages/pictures was pretty magical.

So please share your recs for kids read-aloud books with similar elements. And if your story recommendation is also available as a larger book size like the BigBooks that Candlewick Press publishes, that would be fantastico! (Candlewick has limited search options on their catalog page, and limiting search by page size doesn't appear to be one of them.)
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The Book With No Pictures is absolutely fabulous and kids love it.
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Rosie Revere, Engineer and the other books in that series are quite big and tick many of your boxes. Likewise anything by Julia Donaldson (The Gruffalo, Room on the Broom, Zog, etc).

Did you take the b from my _ook and Do Not Open This Book are fun and interactive for group reading.
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Best answer: Oh and for the "big" aspect, you can sometimes search for "big book editions" for teachers (eg) — these will often be the same as the normal story books but printed extra large for precisely your purpose.
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Response by poster: Appreciate the suggestion to look for teacher editions as a resource for bigger page sizes - good idea!
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