Wretchedly retch-averse and movie-watching
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Is there an app for ascertaining the vomit-quotient of a particular movie? I want very much to see the new “All Quiet on the Western Front” (Netflix) but I’m afraid of being taken by surprise. I have a high gore threshold, but I can’t take….that.

Yes, I do ask friends, but the response is usually “I don’t remember” or “why do you ask?”
Hell, why wouldn’t I ask?!

I have yet to see the first half-hour of Saving Private Ryan, since I heard it was a barf-fest.
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I don't understand your question. Are you looking for a tracker of movies that contain scenes of characters vomiting, or movies that make people watching it vomit?
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Response by poster: The first, please.
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Best answer: This is one of the categories of Does the Dog Die
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Response by poster: supercres, that link is exactly what I need. Thank you!
Now, to watch AQOTWF!
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(Glad it’s helpful! I always thought the name of the website was too limiting, I didn’t think it was as varied as it is when first hearing about it.)
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The Parents Guide section on IMDb.com gives (usually) detailed information about possible objectionable content. (After searching for a movie/show, the link to it is in the Storyline section.) The information is user-provided so quality may vary.

BTW, IMDb rates this movie's violence as "severe," their highest rating.
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