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Going to be centered on Manhattan for the next week, am booked to hell and back on the weekend, but would love some tips on what could be fun for the other days and nights. I've been to NYC a couple of times, but not for a good ten years! Turns ons inside.

Plans include some concerts, going to Sleep No More again, a big ticket restaurant visit. Doing some shopping to an amazon hub box nearby. I'm a little limited in energy/mobility with long covid, and it's autumn now, so skipping stuff like the high line which I otherwise enjoy.

Turns ons include good food, maker culture, frogs and creative nerdery. Superhero Supply Store and Fette Sau are two things we've enjoyed a lot. The earth room has been closed every time I've visited and so this time too. We enjoy museums and generally aim for going to see a specific exhibit or exhibition, have for example seen Fireflies on the Water and the Alexander McQueen exhibit. Odd little spaces like the Famine Memorial and the grass structure outside the dance school where they practice are things that appeal immensely.

Metafilter has steered me very right twice before, and I will be revisiting those previouslies.
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Best answer: Governor's Island is the canonical reply here by New Yorkers, though if you're here for the Manhattan energy it's probably not but this exhibit seems powerful.
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Best answer: An Edward Hopper exhibit is opening at the Whitney. Will probably be crowded.
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Best answer: The Analog City exhibit at MCNY is amazing
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Best answer: The Morris Hirshfield Rediscovered exhibit at the American Folk Art Museum across the street from Lincoln Center is really great.
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Best answer: The Dream House is a cool, off-the-beaten-path art installation in the vein of the Earth Room. It's a drone sound and light composition in an apartment in Tribeca. Open Wednesday-Saturday, 2 PM-midnight.
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Best answer: Are you a fan of Machine Dazzle? The incredibly creative costumer of Taylor Mac and more, he's having a one-man exhibit at the Museum of Arts and Design on Columbus Circle. I saw Taylor Mac's 24 hour history of popular music, 2- 12 hour concerts over 2 days with a costume change for every decade, and was struck dumb by the clever, on-point and over the top costumes. And also by Taylor Mac's incredible energy to persevere for 24 hours of performing!
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Best answer: I was also going to recommend Machine Dazzle! I went when I was in town because I adore him. He's also hosting a movie night at the MAD. If I was in town I would totally go to the Eyes of Laura Mars with Machine as host.

If you're into gallery hopping I can't recommend enough the See Saw app which will allow you to map out a little neighborhood gallery hop for an afternoon based on whichever neighborhood you happen to want to be in. Only available on ios though:(
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Best answer: Open House New York is later this week, giving the public a chance to see all kinds of places around the city that they usually don't get to visit. Some of the locations require tickets that were distributed by lottery, but many others have open access (tick the 'Open Access' box on the Plan Your Weekend page to see a list of those).
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Best answer: I've had many fun times at The Cauldron. Both the tea and the night drink experiences are fun!
The NY Historical Society has a Salem Witch Trial exhibit.
The Merchant House Museum always has some interesting things going on in October.
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Response by poster: Fooooolks, you have my vibe down!!! I was in the lottery for open house stuff actually, but didn't win. Literally everything here sounds amazing, some of it will be this time, some of it will be when I am solo (Dream House for example), I also am going to be checking out the mmuseum, and probably going to see the Bowie movie at Nitehawk in Brooklyn. I had thought Governers Island was only open on the weekends so your suggestion was super helpful, as well as pointing me towards an interesting and important art piece. Machine Dazzle seems awe-inspring, I will absolutely be looking further into this.

Should any other bright ideas arise, get right back here, but for now, these were all genuinely best.
Abusing the window to mention that I forgot to say that interests of course include queer! *doh*
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Response by poster: Oh and hey, decent slice near midtown? The wife got one at Grand Central once and that was not it ...
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My favorite is Pizza Suprema :)
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